AUDIOVIKING is a trailer sound design & music library that donates most of its profits to charity in order to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

We are leading the way to help those at the bogus, soul-crushing effect of neglect, abuse, and injustice.
Founded by U.S. Air Force veteran and long-time industry composer/sound-designer Jonathan Beaudette, AUDIOVIKING fulfills the specific needs for our clients on-time with no hassles.


We create soul-charging music and an ear-splitting, prodigious pillaging of sound design that reflects our warrior spirit and ethos: live with integrity, stand-down the oppressive, serve others, and enjoy the time we’re alive.
For every track we license, we donate to various organizations that are kicking ass in bringing more honor, protection, and integrity into the world.
Our entire catalog is produced with an insane attention to detail, wild creativity, and is designed to ease the workflow for the MX ‘sups’ and editors that use our tracks.


As a charitable sound design & music library, we donate to various organizations that work in these 3 primary sectors:
   1. War veterans – overcoming the effect of battle and reintegration into society.
Courage Foundation 
Wounded Warrior Project
Your Grateful Nation
   2. Child Sex-Trafficking – prevention, rescue and rehabilitation.
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Saved In America
   3. Nature/Wildlife Conservation – being a voice for the voiceless.
Save LA Cougars 
World Wildlife Fund
Ocean Cleanup
Charity Water